When returning a leased vehicle, it's crucial to ensure that it's in excellent condition to avoid additional charges. Awesome Wheels can help prepare your vehicle for lease return.

We ourselves focus on wheels and alloys but also have mobile partners that can help with vehicle  overall vehicle appearance commonly scrutinised during the lease return inspection.

Wheel Condition

The condition of the wheels is a critical aspect during lease return inspections. Wheels should have no scratches or gouges greater than one inch and must be in good overall shape. Any damage to the wheels, especially noticeable scratches or curb rash, could lead to significant charges, potentially requiring OEM replacement. Our service includes repairing such damages, which is typically more cost-effective than dealership charges for wheel replacement.

Please also consider Vehicle Exterior, Interior Condition, Glass and Windshield, Excess Wear and Mileage.

By utilising Awesome Wheels' Leasing Vehicle Return service, you can ensure your vehicle meets the lease return standards, potentially saving you from incurring hefty charges from the leasing company.

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