The Diamond Cut Repair service at Awesome Wheels offers a superior solution for restoring the appearance of diamond cut alloy wheels. Utilising advanced technology, our service is ideal for both mobile and static repair needs, ensuring convenience without compromising on quality.


Our process begins with the precise probing of your alloy wheels, capable of reading a typical 20" wheel in just 30 seconds. This rapid assessment allows for efficient and accurate repair work. Unlike traditional methods, we don’t need to save the wheel profile, reducing the risk of errors and potential damage during the repair process. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to handle a wide range of wheel sizes, from 14” to 24” with the tyre on, and up to 30” with the tyre removed. This flexibility ensures that we can cater to a vast array of vehicles and wheel designs.

The repair itself is executed through a rapid two-stage process. First, we scan the wheel to understand its specific contours and dimensions. Then, we proceed to the cutting phase, where our equipment meticulously refinishes the wheel, restoring its pristine 'factory finish'. This entire process is not only fast but also exceptionally precise, guaranteeing results that often surpass those achieved by larger, more traditional CNC lathes.

Despite its powerful capabilities, our equipment is surprisingly compact and quiet. This makes it perfectly suited for mobile service environments, enabling us to bring this high-level service directly to your location.

Powering this advanced technology is a simple 240v 13amp single phase electrical supply, emphasising the efficiency and accessibility of our service. The smart, easy-to-use touchscreen interface guides our technicians through each step, ensuring a smooth and time-efficient repair process.

At Awesome Wheels, we pride ourselves on delivering a service that is not just about repairing wheels but revitalising them to their original splendour. Our Diamond Cut Repair service is a testament to this commitment, offering a fast, reliable, and high-quality solution to maintaining the beauty and integrity of your diamond cut alloy wheels.

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