Is it worth refurbishing alloy wheels?

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Many vehicle owners know that placing alloy wheels on their cars gives them a spanking new look. The ability of the alloys to match the colour of your car or to have a colour that beautifully contrasts your car’s colour is another extra benefit.

What is more, alloy wheels are typically made of aluminium and this can add extra strength to the wheel itself, making them a sturdier and more solid option over time. However, with regular wear and tear, alloy wheels do get damaged.

For this reason, you may require alloy wheel refurbishment to ensure you retain their lustre and shine. But what is alloy wheel refurbishment, should you even consider it, what is the process and how long does it take? We explore the answers to these questions in more detail below.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

In short, alloy wheel refurbishment is the process of reviving your alloy wheels. With natural wear and tear and road usage, they can get chipped, cracked, warped, scratched and more.

Other potential issues you could face include having stone damage, dust build up from road usage, corrosion and more. When your alloy wheels start losing their shine and lustre, you may consider a professional alloy wheel refurbishment service (could be a mobile service too) to restore their former appearance.

Through curing, painting, lacquering, scratch removal and other strategies, alloy wheel refurbishment is probably the best and most professional way you can have your wheels looking like new again.

Leave my alloys or get them refurbished?

If you are wondering whether you should leave your alloys or get them refurbished, you will probably have considered several factors. Among these include:


Minor DIY repairs might be cheaper than professional refurbishment. However, for a professional finish on more damaged wheels, a reputable shop is the way to go.


Our busy lives don't always allow for car downtime. Consider a mobile alloy wheel refurbisher who can come to your home or office.


Different shops offer varying services. Look for those with the right tools, technology, and who include a protective finish for your wheels.

Quality & Reputation:

Research the refurbisher's reputation and the quality of their work.


Does the service come with a warranty? How long does it last?


Mobile refurbishing is ideal for busy schedules.

In summary:

  • For minor, cosmetic damage on a tight budget, leaving them might be okay.
  • For deeper scratches, corrosion, wanting a professional look, or before selling your car, refurbishment is recommended.

Additional factors:

  • Severity of damage: Deep scratches or corrosion can compromise safety; consider professional repair.
  • Refurbishment cost: Get quotes to see if it fits your budget.

If you're unsure, consult a mechanic or alloy wheel refurb specialist for a professional assessment.

What is the process of alloy wheel refurbishment?

The process of alloy wheel refurbishment can be broken down into a few simple steps. Below, we explore these in more detail so that you can get an idea of what to expect.

Step 1: Consultation and scheduling

The first step is to discuss your needs. You should get a quote beforehand based on these needs and then select the time and location that suits you for the repair work to be carried out. Some providers offer same-day appointments at a location selected by you for your convenience.

Step 2: Pre-service setup

Once the team arrives at the location you’ve selected, they will discuss your repair options with you. They will also set up using specialist vehicle jacks.

Step 3: Wheel and tyre preparation

The tyres are deflated and manipulated in such a way so that the technicians can access the entire rim of the wheel to ensure more precise workmanship. In some cases, the tyre may be fully removed from the wheel.

Step 4: Alloy repairs

The process can take approximately one hour per wheel. It starts with the removal of all dirt and grime from the wheel using degreasers and compounds. Next, the surface of the wheel is “keyed” to create a strong bond that is formed with the new paint. Damage is also removed using specialist tools or using fast-curing resins to rebuild the surface.

Step 5: Coating durability

Coatings usually take time to dry completely. However, with the use of infrared lamps, you can enjoy a faster and more efficient cure, which creates a hard finish for greater protection. This enhances the durability and finish of your wheels. You can also enjoy lacquering with the appropriate gloss, which may include a gloss matt or satin finish.

Step 6: Final inspection

Your wheels are then carefully refitted with a torque wrench, which aims to ensure greater accuracy and safety. And finally, your tyres will be reinflated to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Your technician will then carry out a detailed tyre check and offer you expert advice on maintaining the condition of your refurbished wheels.

How long does the alloy wheel refurbishment process take?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the typical refurbishment times and whether you should choose a professional for the job.

Typical refurbishment times

Some providers on the market indicate that an alloy wheel refurbishment process for a vehicle can take 12 hours or more. This extensive length of time is due to giving the paint and lacquer time to dry properly.

However, with the right provider, you can have each wheel refurbished in approximately one hour, thus drastically cutting down the refurbishing time while taking advantage of technologies and tools that increase efficiency.

Why get your alloy wheels refurbished using a professional?

Not only will using a professional alloy wheel refurbisher save you time and costs over the long run. It will also restore the condition of your alloys to showroom appearance in a fraction of the time while ensuring that professional tools and technologies are used to cure and seal the paint and lacquer on your wheels.

And with a mobile alloy wheel refurbishment provider, you can have the job done at a location you choose, whether you’re at home or at the office. This means you can save a lot of time and hassle because the job will be carried out while you are doing something more productive.


If you are looking for professional and mobile alloy wheel refurbishment, you’ve come to the right place. At Awesome Wheels, we have over 21 years of experience and offer a mobile-only refurbishment, which means added convenience at affordable rates.

Serving the residents of Northampton with quality and professionalism, make sure to get in touch with us for your alloy wheel refurbishment today. Enjoy the restored shine and lustre of your alloy wheels, done professionally, at your chosen location and save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary hassle.